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With the help of a key turn aid it can become very easy to open a door, start your car even when you lost strength in your hands or have arthiritis.

key turn aid

There are a large number of helpful products available to help you open a locked door but you have to make sure you buy the right one.

It is no one size fits all in this case. A car key is not as easy to fit in one of these key turner aids than a door key because of the thick plastic cover they come with.

Where to find key turner aids

I found a large selection in an online store I recently discovered and like I always do I did some research on that particular webstore and found some good reviews.

You can find all key turn aid products here!

I did not started to write and research these easy key turners for no reason. I had a few relatives that told me that it was harder for them to open a door with a key.

Reason for me to dig deeper.

After I had a look at jar openers for seniors to make life easier the easy key turners were a logical next step.

Especially when you are having a little arthritis in your hands it can be challenging. I even have a problem sometimes when a door is a kind of jammed or does not fit well in the doorframe.

Video on how to install a key in the key turn aid

Not all key turners work the same but this is a basic video on how to place the key in them.

There is also a number of people who look for so called car key turner aid. Like I mentioned before it is not easy to find the right one for that specific type of keys.

The reason is that they usually have already a thicker piece of plastic at the end to ensure a better grip than for example a door key has.

I some cases you will have to remove that plastic or make a copy of your car key and then add the EZ key turner.

If you think that a key turner can help you in case of a hard to open door or if you have arthritis you can have a look at several models here.

There are key turner holders available that can hold multiple keys and although the might be a little bulkier I can see the benefit is having one device that holds all you keys.

These products to help you open a lock easy without problems are very affordable.

let me know if there is anything else I can help you with and it does not have to be about an key turner aid, but any product.


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