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magic kitchen reviews

Nowadays, meal delivery services are getting widely popular for offering numerous meals plans according to customers’ diet plans, specifications, etc. Magic kitchen has been delivering prepared frozen meals providing a variety of meals to maintain nutrition and taste.

Going through different magic kitchen reviews I will help you find out how it works, choose your meals efficiently, maintain the budget, etc, and how this one is very well for seniors.

It is quite troublesome and time-consuming to get specific dietary ingredients in traditional stores and then cook them. To help you out of this problem, the magic kitchen delivers pre-cooked frozen meals to your doorstep, ensuring all your health and fitness requirements.

What is Magic Kitchen?

The magic kitchen is a nice senior meal delivery service that focuses mainly on the senior meals fulfilling their health requirements on schedule, which has made them demanding and popular from the other meal services. You can customize the whole meal plan for the seniors according to your preferred schedule. All they need to do is to keep them in the freezer and microwave them before eating.

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How magic kitchen works?

Unlike other meal delivery service, the magic kitchen doesn’t force its customers to long term contracts or charge massive amounts for signing up. Their frozen meals are fully prepared where you need to do nothing but reheating and enjoying your meal to the fullest. Meeting the needs of all kinds of customers to their convenience has made magic kitchen what it is today.

You can simply order or over the phone or also can enroll in a program. You can choose your items, design your whole meal plan from their extensive order menu. The incredible service they offer for you is to filtering the menu according to your dietary and health restriction.

Enrolling in a program is pretty time convenient for the elders as they ship your meals on your fixed schedule like weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. For that, you can fill a form online or can also call someone in the magic kitchen to discuss all your requirements and restriction in detail to plan a proper meal system. You can choose them from their wide range of items to set the number of meals you require for a day. For senior citizens, they offer special meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts also.

The magic kitchen prepares all their meals in their Kansas warehouse and ships all the delivery from there. They deliver packages within three-four days generally. But they also allow the customers to fix their receiving date up to their convenience.

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They promise quality over everything. If any of your meals arrive in a bad or ruined condition, they replace it immediately in the next order without any extra charge.

Your location, weight of the food determines the shipping cost. You can get your meals via air or ground or on an urgent schedule by paying extra money. They also replace or offer extra store credit if the food is not up to the customers’ expectations the way they wanted.

Magic kitchen menu:

As I already have mentioned previously that the magic kitchen focuses on the customers’ preference over everything.

In the magic kitchen, you can get meals options from:

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Portion Controlled
  • Dialysis-Friendly
  • Diabetic-Friendly
  • Low-Fat
  • Low-Sodium
  • Low-Carb
  • Senior Diet

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They design their meal plan for all kinds of customers with their unique preferences and customization. You can also create your whole meal plan, each element, discussing with them in detail. They offer different kinds of diet plans designed additionally for seniors from their menu.

Magic kitchen meals usually come with two sides and an entrée. You can also customize buying your meals a la carte or as a part of the package. You will get numerous options in main dishes, side dishes, soups, loaves of bread, desserts, etc.

You get both single-person options and larger portions of orders from their menu. It can auto-filter the ingredients you want to avoid. Like for senior meals, it filters junk food items on their own.

The magic kitchen never compromises with the quality and of their food. You get different cuisines from their menu. Their menu offers American and Italian food mostly and some of the Asian fusion meals.

Chefs cook the meals according to the portions and immediately flash-frozen to eliminate the possibility of ice crystals forming. They package the items with dry ice filed reusable and recyclable containers.

Magic Kitchen food usually lasts for about six months in the freezer. But it is best if you eat it within 30-45 days after receiving the package.

What is better than all the reading? To see someone opening a Magic Kitchen box and show us what is in it.

Magic kitchen prices:

As magic kitchen delivers fully prepared food eliminating the need to use any other ingredients or equipment, ensuring the health value fullest makes it a bit pricier than other services. You can get all the product costing on the list on their website. You can also get a free catalog of all their services, including all the prices. First-time customers get 10% discounts on their first orders.

Usually, a single meal costs averagely about $12 to $25. It depends mostly on the selection of your meals. Choosing one meal per day for weeks cost almost $75-$85. The amount gets higher with the increase in meals per day as well as the ingredients you pick. You can choose the meal items from their menus, specifying your price range. In this way, it will only show the items in your budget.

The prices mostly vary regarding the portion and selection of your meal. 

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 Magic Kitchen Pros and cons:


  • Offers a wide range of customization for all
  • Focuses more on senior meal specifications
  • No compromisation with the specifications of the customer menu and schedules.
  • Accepts orders via phone and online.
  • Nationwide shipping.
  • Offers meals for breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, snacks, etc.


  • Small portion sizes.
  • Freshness is compromised.
  • Sometimes meals get watery while reheating.
  • Difficult to recycle.
  • Shipping cost starts from $18-$20.

Magic Kitchen Reviews – My Opinion

In conclusion, all I can say is Magic Kitchen focuses on delivering the customers food who don’t have any time to cook or can’t cook. Seniors can easily enjoy their food, get variations without needing to cook, going to the grocery shop at all.

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