Review of Top Chef Meals

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top chef meals reviews

The reason I did a Top Chef meals review is that people getting busier and seniors are no exception to that rule.

In my search for senior meal delivery services, I think this one came out as one of the best choices.

People are busier than ever, working longer hours and spending less time by themselves.  In the race to make more money and get more stuff, we’re constantly eating on the run, buying cheap and unhealthy food, skipping meals, and not taking time to enjoy our food.

This has led to a general lack of appreciation for good, wholesome food.

To avoid a situation like this for seniors, it’s important to find a way to eat well and eat good food. How do you go about doing this without having to get someone to pick up fast food from a local restaurant? This is where My Top Chef Meals for seniors comes into place as a home delivery service for food.

This company claims to offer a wide array of food options that can be tailored to meet your needs. Does it do a good job, or is the food awful?

Here is an in-depth review of Top Chef Meals and whether or not it is a good fit.

What Is Top Chef Meals?

Top Chef Meals is a personalized food delivery service that claims to offer 300 side combinations and 70+ entrees, with more being added to the menu every day. This is a business built around helping people prepare their meals and making sure everything is ready to go once it’s been dropped off.

The purpose behind doing this by the company was to make sure people didn’t have to go shopping for ingredients all the time. They could call in a personalized food delivery service and know the work would be done for them.

It is also built around the idea of healthy meals with several different diets on offer, including the keto diet.

The brand itself was made by a man named Paul Ghiron. He was someone that has been a part of a local business that was focused on catering to people in the region. As time went on, he went and joined the Air Force before coming back to work with the family company.

This was when he took the opportunity to spread things and see what other opportunities were out there, which is when the concept of Top Chef Meals came into existence.

Let’s see how they look and what people think about the Top Chef meals in this video.

How Does Top Chef Meals Work?

Top Chef Meals is a straightforward, personalized food delivery service that is built around the idea of creating handpicked meals and delivering them to customers. It is a simple process that takes a few clicks before the meal gets prepped.

The service is designed to make it easy for customers to sift through a detailed menu, choose their favorite foods, and get them to come with specific side dishes.

Everything is done through an account that is registered by the customer on day one. The chefs take the orders and begin preparing the meals for them to be delivered the next day or as soon as possible.

The process to preserve the food is to “flash freeze” the foods after they have been prepared. This helps keep the flavors and nutrients as rich as they are supposed to be.

How are the meals delivered?

They come through FedEx and/or another courier service straight to your house as listed on the account. This is a company that ships across the nation.

Once the food arrives, just read the preparatory instructions and have the food ready to go in time for your next meal.   

Top Chef meal with beef, broccoli and potatoes.
Example Top Chef meal with beef

What is the Cost of Top Chef Meals?

Depending on the meals, the average cost comes out to be between $6.11-$15.90. 

Pros of Top Chef Meals

Every meal delivery company comes with pros and cons. Here is what I found out in my Top Chef meals review.


The taste is always going to matter when it comes to food.

In this regard, you are gaining access to world-class meals that are perfect from all angles and taste as if a professional has made them. This attention to detail and use of high-grade ingredients are what make the brand stand out as a personalized food delivery service.

The meals are excellent, and it is the diversity of options that wins you over right away.

Seamless Delivery Service

The delivery comes through FedEx, and it is as rapid as it needs to be.

Top Chef Meals seems to pride itself on being quick and efficient when it comes to operational processes. This includes taking your order and having it sent through as soon as possible.

If you are someone that doesn’t like waiting, this is a good fit.


The speed at which things are processed will always matter, but it’s also about customer service. If you take the time to call in, there is always someone ready to pick up the phone and go through your questions without missing a beat.

This is the type of customer service that makes all the difference in the world when it’s time to decide which food delivery service to go with.

Easy to Prepare

Preparation is never going to be a problem here.

You just have to take the frozen meal out and heat it. This is all. The rest is going to work out because of how the meal is flash frozen.

It is a simple technique that preserves the taste and general quality of the meal.


You are not going to be restricted when it comes to choice, and that is a major plus point. There are several entrees and side dishes to go through, allowing you to fully tailor the meal plan.

Cons of Top Chef Meals

Just like the pros, there are also cons. Although I could only find a few while I was doing this Top Chef meals review.


You are going to be paying for the service, and it can be a lot for those who want to meal prep for the entire month.

They do have discounted deals from time to time, so look out for those.

No Guaranteed Shipping Dates

The shipping dates aren’t guaranteed, although the brand is great about prompt deliveries. They will usually have the food ready to go as soon as the order comes in.

Top Chef meal with salmon and vegetables
Top Chef meal with salmon

Top Chef Meals Review – Final Thoughts

Top Chef Meals is the real deal and is built on the shoulders of a seasoned catering company. This is a team that has seen it all and has built a tremendous business.

Whether it is the meals, customer service, or overall quality, everything is picture-perfect.

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