Two Handled Mug

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Sometimes a two handled mug comes in very handy. There is not too much choice for a double handled mug for the elderly. I have found a few that I think can be recommended.

Best Two Handled Mugs

This double grip mug I found on Amazon and although a little higher in price than the one above it got a 4.5 star rating.

see the price here

Double Handle Mug With Lid

Sometimes it is better to have a lid on your two handled cup just to keep your drink warm or cool when you do not drink it all at once.

see the price here

I apologize for the bad quality of the picture and will try to find and upload a different one.

This cup is transparent and will keep your drink warm or cooler longer.

More Two Handled Cups

Although I have tried to find a few of the double handled cups and mugs there are many more and I found several on Amazon.

Click Here To See All Double Handled Mugs On Amazon.

If you have any experience with these double handled coffee mugs or any type of mug that will help feel free to leave it in the comments.

Eddie Vandam

Eddie Vandam realized when he was getting older that it was hard to find information about products for seniors and decided to share his experiences here on the website to help others. Read more.

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