Long Handled Shoe Horn

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long handled shoe horn
A shoe horn is a product you will find in many households. They come in really handy if your shoes are a little tight or just to help you get your feet in your shoes.

The thing is that you have to sit down or bend over most of the time to use the shoe spoon.

Getting older this is sometimes a problem and not easy to do. in that case, a long handled shoe horn is probably a great solution. No need to bend or sit down.

We had a look at the 5 best shoe horns with a long handle.

Vive long handled shoe horn 24 inch long

shoe horn with long handle
This shoe horn is 23 inches long and comes with an option to hang it on your coat rack and have it handy right when you need it.
The easy grip handle is very comfortable and has a good grip.
It is made of a thermoplastic polymer and that ensures a very durable and flexible product.

although most people used it while standing it also can be used when you sit down is one of the answers I found. People mentioned that they could also use it for regular size boots.

4.7 stars average from over 800 buyers means that there is nothing wrong with this shoe spoon.

15 inch stainless steel shoe horn for boots and shoes

long shoe spoon stainless steel
This product from the Numplar companyh is the number one seller in dressing aid sticks on the number one online store. With 15″, a little shorter than the Vive, it received an average of 4.8 stars from over 200 buyers.

Available in the colors Blue, Black/blue and Red/blue so you can find your favorite color combination.

When I read the questions and answers it mentioned that the width is 1/8 of an inch. It is also a good shoe spoon for boots and it is very durable.

All the buyers gave it a 3,4 and 5-star rating and that is something I very seldom see.

The handle is wrapped with so called paracord and although most people like the fact that it does no slip in your hands some mentioned that it was not wrapped to tight.

24 inch extra long handled shoe horn – 8 colors

long shoe horn with handle
To make it even better we have found this shoehorn in 24 inches and available in 8 colors.
Baby blue, Black, Chocolate Brown, Dark grey, Red, Gentleman blue, White and Turquoise.

4.8 stars out of 4500 buyers and a very affordable price.

The used material is a pro high tech synthetic plastic and it comes with an easy grip handle that fits the entire palm of your hand.

The size tapers from an inch at the top and 2 inches at the bottom. This width is perfect to prevent the side of the shoes from caving in when you put your foot in it like some less wide spoons do.

The handle received a lot of good reviews and is very easy to use and gives a good grip even for people with not much strength in their hands.

Telescopic shoe horn 24 – 30 inch stainless steel

telescopic extendable and collapsibel shoe horn extra long
This shoe horn is telescopic, extendable and collapsible and extend from 24 to 30 inch.

The twist and lock make it possible to lock it to the length you like to use it if that is easier.

The extension system enables it to be used sitting down or standing up and this makes it very versatile.

Over 700 people took the time to write about their opinion and gave it an average of 4.4 stars out of 5.
like always there are people who love it and others have some problem with the design.

The lower reviews mentioned that it was not to sturdy if you use it a little rough. It was recommended to be good for traveling since you can fold it and this makes it easy to store.

So, with about a 14% rating it a little lower but 86% rating it with 3.4 and 5 stars it still comes out very good/

Extra long 23 inch heavy duty metal shoe horn

metal shoe horn extra long
There were not a lot of reviews for this metal shoe horn but all of them were 4 and 5 stars and I see this very seldom in reviews.

The most complimented features were the high quality because of the stainless steel and how well it is made.

23 inches seems to be a kind of standard size for long-handled shoe horns and that is the size this one is also.

One person even joked that it is so durable that it can also be used as a deterrent against burglars.

All together there is not much for met to write about except that I think that even with it about 11 ounces is must be able to use this metal shoe horn by most people without many problems.

How do you use a shoe horn?

A shoe horn of shoe spoon like some people also call it makes that you do not have to use your finger.

This means no bending over or sitting down to put your shoes on. Which can be a little harder to do when you get a little older.

Basically, there are two types of shoe horns. Short ones that you use when sitting down and long handled shoe horn for when you put your shoes on standing up.

Although most long handled shoe spoons can be used sitting down also. Most people have to use a finger in the heel part of the shoe to help them get their foot in.

You rest the wide part of the shoehorn in the heel part of the shoe. Then you put your shoe on just as normal but do not remove the shoe horn until your foot is completely in the shoe.

The shoe horn widens the heel part of the shoe and keeps it open so your foot can slide in easier and does not bend the heel part.

Now your foot is in the shoe you remove the shoe horn and you are good to go.

If a long handled shoe horn is the best shoe horn depends on you and how hard it is for you to put your shoes on and if you like to do it standing or sitting down.

I have most of the time my daily shoes at the door and the coat hanger rack is a perfect place to have a long handled shoe horn and used it when I am ready to walk out of the door.
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