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Getting older means that you will get a need for products specific to seniors. It is not easy to find specific products that are made for people who are getting a little older. Since I ran into that problem I decided to help out with product reviews and tips for the elderly and seniors.

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Senior Meal Delivery / Large Display Alarm Clock / Easy Jar Openers / Pill Organizers

There are a ton of questions you run into when you get older and are planning for retirement or are already retired.

I am a senior citizen and on my path to this age, I found that my whole life I had someone to ask questions but now I am getting older I am on my own. No parents, grandparents, or other older relatives to ask questions anymore.

There is not a lot of information available on all the questions I have. You might have the same question and I will help you find the answers.

Since many people see anyone over the age of 50 as a senior citizen I will make this age the starting point in my quest for senior citizen products and resources.

There are many products for senior citizen available that I will write about and try to find what people write about them in reviews.

One of the other things I will write about is health for senior citizens and how to stay healthy while aging. I am very passionate about this.

If you see that Amazon just opened a store that is called 50+ Active and healthy living you can see that this age group of fifty-plus is growing fast.

This senior citizen website will always be in the process of being made better and I aim to make it the place to go to find resources for seniors.

I will mainly focus on help for seniors living at home. The site will be updated regularly with tips and advice. For any questions, you can contact us.

Here is a list of our latest posts.

My goal is to make this into a seniors for seniors resource also where seniors help seniors to find solutions to the problems that they face while getting older.

I hope we can make this a reader-supported website where everyone helps each other in finding the right information.

Eddie Vandam

Eddie Vandam realized when he was getting older that it was hard to find information about products for seniors and decided to share his experiences here on the website to help others. Read more.