Are Baby Boomers The Same As Senior Citizen?

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Is a baby boomer also a senior citizen?
This question is not easy to answer and to answer it we have to define what is a senior citizen and a baby boomer is first.

What is a senior citizen?

There are no official criteria to be called a senior citizen. Some publications mention that 50+ already can be considered a senior citizen and some shops, stores and restaurants give discount for this age group.
On the other side there are mentions that you are a senior citizen after your 65th birthday since you are eligible to receive social security and other government benefits.

What is a baby boomer?

The name baby boomer is more specified by dates and years. Every one born between 1946 and 1964 is considered a baby boomer.

That makes most baby boomers fall in the category of senior citizens since the ones born in 1946 at the time of this writing in 2017 are in there seventies and the younger ones from 1964 are in their early fifty’s. If you have another opinion feel free to share it with us.

The reason for the baby boom is not clear either. Many publications think that after the Second World War and the great depression people thought that the world would be a better place to raise kids and the financial boom made that possible.

Al together it seems that they were right. Looking back at the rising economy and prosperity in those days. Things like TV, credit cards and charge account for all the consumer goods were standard for most families in those days.

The effect of baby boomers in the coming years

The effect on the economy and other things we are used to will be enormous in the coming years in my opinion.

It is simple to figure out that around 2030 about 20% of the population in America will be 65 and older.

This will have an effect on the social welfare system we are used to.
This will also have a big impact on the health care system as we know it now.

This is reason enough for me to tell all younger people that they will have to take care of their own retirement and start saving for that as soon as possible.

Social security and 401K

Although most working people now a days have access to 401K plans and this will help them with retirement, there are also many people who will depend totally on social security when they get to that age.

When you have up growing children there is a change that you might need that 401K to help them make it through college or university.

Back to the main subject of this article I think it is safe to say that baby boomer and senior citizen are not exactly the same but depending on your personal opinion you can put both in the same category.

Although this website is called senior citizen website there is room and information enough for people from all ages to find what they need here.

Younger people might find information on how to look at their parents and grandparent and older people might find useful information to stay healthy and informed about new products available for them.


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