When Are You a Senior Citizen?

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when are you a senior citizen?
I have trying to find the answer to the question when are you a senior citizen for a long time now and still did not find any answer to this question that satisfied me.
Most people assume that the official age is 65 because in most cases this is the age you can retire and receive benefits like social security. If you, however, look at other things like senior citizen discounts they can start as young as when you turn 50.

In our kitchen we have a little needle pointed picture with a text on it that says:

Age is a matter of the mind. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.

This is the quote I live by every day. I am blessed to be in good shape for my age and have no health problems and so is my wife.

I guess you are a senior citizen when you feel you are one. You can use it to your advantage by using all the available discounts. You can also deny it by not using them, or using them and do not feel like a senior citizen.

I think there is a difference in what UN-official is called a senior citizen at age 65 and how people look at you.

In the local supermarket, the young guy that packs your groceries for you sometimes want to take it to my car for me. I do not let him do this, because I am perfectly able to do it myself. Maybe he sees me as a senior citizen? I try to believe that he is just nice and like to help people in general.

My conclusion is that you decide when you are a senior citizen. If you behave like what is commonly excepted for senior citizens to behave. you label yourself as one.

Keep doing what you doing and do not worry about a label. This just brings up a new question. Am I a baby boomer?

This all does not make me too proud to ask for a senior citizen discount if they have one available. Since I have noticed that they do not offer it automatically in many cases.


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