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I will tell you a little more about myself and the reason I started the senior citizen website.
I am what is called an internet marketer for many years now and what I do is build websites for businesses and promote these websites on the internet for them. I have also several websites myself. Some for business and some for a hobby.

I never worried too much about getting older and what to do. Thought that was far away, but time sneaks up on you.
When I started to get a little older, let’s say in my mid-fifties I realized that I had to start thinking a little more about the phase in my life that was coming.

I had questions like, Maybe retire one day? What was it that I would like to do then? Staying healthy and active as long as possible? Staying and living independently as long as possible?

When I started to look into these questions I had I realized that my whole life I had people that I could ask questions. My parents, my teachers, my supervisors, and many more. But now I was getting older slowly all these people are gone. My parents passed away, my older siblings almost all passed away.

Since I am an internet entrepreneur it made sense for me to find answers online. Unfortunately, I could not find many that fitted my life and needs. When you start looking for resources and products for seniors there is not too much available.

Since I thought that I would not be the only one I started this website in 2016 and just did not have too much time to work on it. But that has changed.
Now at the end of 2017 and in 2018, I decided to work on it a couple of times a week or maybe even every day.

Now you know a little more about me and the reasons I started this website. For now, I like to keep my identity hidden, but my name is Eddie Vandam and maybe one day I will tell you who I am and show you some pictures of my life.

I can tell you that I live in a small town in Kentucky with my wife and we still have many plans for the future.
Feel free to contact me through our contact page: https://seniorcitizenwebsite.com/contact-us/

Eddie Vandam