Step Stool for Elderly To Get In Bed

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I was looking for a step stool for elderly to get in bed and I found two that looked pretty good.

I had a good look at both of them and I think they can help a lot of people who are having trouble getting in and out of the bed without the help of some support.

I found a smaller one that you could even call mini and I found a larger one that is more for people who need more support than the smaller one can give.

Mini Bedside Safety Step

mini bedside safety step
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The mini portable bedside safety step is not that mini when it comes to its performance. It can hold up to 300 pounds. With its smaller size, it can be very easily moved around.

Extra Large Bedside Safety Step

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The extra-large bedside safety step had some great extra features like the motion-activated LED lights that make it even easier to see where you step.

It can hold up to 800 pounds and I think that with its large size it is more of a stationary bedside safety step although you can move it of course if needed.

Step Stool for Elderly To Get In Bed- My Opinion

I am sure that at a certain time in our life it is not that easy to get into bed anymore. With the help of one of the bedside steps, you can feel safer and more confident that you will not fall.

These step stools are many times recommended after hip replacement surgery to protect your hip.

Beds with thicker mattresses and box springs under neat them can get pretty high. if this is the case a bed step is one of the cheaper options to get into bed safely.

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