Exercise Equipment For Seniors

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best exercise equipment for seniors and elderly

Staying in shape is important for seniors. By using specific exercise equipment for seniors you can achieve that easier.

You can make exercising as affordable or expensive as you prefer. You can also make the type of exercises you do as easy or as hard as you prefer. It all depends on your personal preferences.


Dumbbells are probably one of the best ways to keep you in shape when it comes to exercising.

You can use them sitting down, standing, or even laying on your back.

I had a good look at them and wrote about them and you can read my dumbbells for seniors on their own page.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking seems to be one of the best walking exercises for seniors. I wrote about Nordic walking poles for seniors and looked at a few of them and compared prices for you.

My take on exercise equipment for seniors

As I mentioned at the top of this article there are many options to choose from for seniors to exercise and not all of them have to be with some type of equipment.

I will add a lot more here after I did the review I think it takes to give the right advice for our age group.

One tip I found is about stretching before exercising and I wrote an article that describes and shows easy stretching exercises for seniors.

Eddie Vandam

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