Senior Citizen Health and Fitness

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When you grow old you assume that being fit is no longer a priority. But in reality, you need to be fit more than ever.

senior citizen health and fitness

As you grow old you are more likely to catch an illness, by being physically fit a person’s energy increases, this helps you control the symptoms of your illness.

As you grow older the body tends to weaken, you suffer from various illnesses doing exercise is instrumental of being strong, energetic and most importantly healthy.

Keeping healthy is not all about going to the gym and doing hours and hours of weightlifting. You can do that at home with a set of dumbbells for seniors as you can see on this page.

but is also about being active allowing yourself to move about even simple exercises can make a lot of difference in your life.

Many people can’t accept the fact that their body is changing rapidly and are not prepared to do anything about it, by not doing anything illnesses are just being invited into the body.

Changes to a person’s body as the person grows older are inevitable and older people should accept that fact. To be honest I had to.

Tips To Help You Exercise

  1. Look for easy ways to be active, for example instead of using a lift go up or down by using the stairs, instead of using a car to get to places walk to places like the grocery store. Be more active in your everyday life like doing shopping, house cleaning, and gardening.
  2. Do exercise in your free time jogging a short distance, yoga, swimming, riding bike. Yoga is a big step yoga improves your flexibility it makes you mentally strong, it reduces stress etc.
  3. Start slowly, there is no point doing severe training this can harm you find something to do that is within your capacity.
  4. Enjoy yourself while you’re doing things, take a friend with you or you can listen to music while doing exercise, and this can make things a lot easier.
  5. Make a timetable of what you will be doing, this has to be within your range, don’t go over the top this is because it will be less likely for you to stick to the timetable
  6. Read books and magazines this will motivate you to exercise and keeping yourself fit, this will also increase your knowledge about fitness and how important it is to everyone
  7. Check with your doctor if it is okay to do certain things, some activities might be outside of your range, so it’s very important that you talk to your doctor before doing a certain activity.
  8. Choose activities that you might really enjoy this is significant if you have a passion of doing things, it makes things easier for example playing sports such as tennis, badminton, etc.
  9. Join different classes and make friends meeting new people will make you More entertained and make life much happier.

These are all tips that can make you successful in achieving your goals on being fit. So why wait to start now!

More Health Tips

Although I have been writing here about our physical health we have to realize that part of that is strongly related to what we eat.

if you are not in the habit of cooking your own meal anymore you can have a look at an article I wrote about the, in my opinion, best meal delivery for seniors and tips on how to order in bulk to get a better deal.


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