Make Ahead Meals For Seniors

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make ahead meals for seniors and elderly

Meal prepping is sometimes time-consuming and that is why it can be a good idea to get into cooking for multiple days.

In this way, you can plan days and do not have to worry about finding time to cook when you come home after a busy day.

Here are some tips and ideas on those so-called make-ahead meals for seniors.

Stew and Soups

Nothing is much easier to cook ahead than a good pot of soup and a pan full of stew.

First of all, you can use a lot of leftovers for these dishes and that saves not just time but also money since you have to throw nothing out.

The advantage of stews and soups is that they are easy to freeze and are very customizable to your personal taste. Here are a few ideas.


Sometimes you want to eat as easy as possible. You will still, however, need to think about eating a nutritious meal.

Oats can be cooked ahead of time and will stay good in the refrigerator for a few days.

All you have to do is scoop some in a bowl and heat it up in the microwave or oven in a little saucepan on the stovetop.

Pasta Dishes

A baked pasta dish can be kept frozen for a long time. Pasta can be used in so many ways that it is possible to cook some for every flavor or taste that you have.

By using whole-wheat pasta instead of the regular ones and adding things like meat, mushroom, and other vegetables you can heat it up quickly in the microwave and be ready for dinner in no time.

Scrambled eggs

This might sound strange but I have done it several times. Cook scrambled eggs and freeze them. They are easy to thaw out and it is a quick meal that you can eat on toast or a slice of bread.

Vegetarian meals

Many seniors are turning more to vegetarian meals since in some publications meat is mentioned as not being too good for us.

Meat replacements like Tofu can be added to all meals and according to may it does not taste any lesser.

Tofu is a food that is high in protein and in combination with calcium, this turns it into a heart healthy meal.

Beans and Burritos

Beans have always been part of a good meal. They contain a lot of nutrients that we need. Nutrients like potassium, vitamins, and iron.

They are just like the ones I mentioned above easy to cook and freeze perfectly. Beans can be combined with many other things to turn it into a great meal.


One meal I can not leave out is a good chili. It can take a little longer to prep if you add many ingredients but in that way it will also include more nutrients.

If you portion the chili out in separate portions you can prep meals for several days.

3 make-ahead meals

My Take

Being busy or not having enough time does not mean that you have to skip a good meal that contains the nutrient you need.

You can also add the best protein for seniors with these planned ahead meals to make sure you will get enough of these.

I hope that with the few make ahead meals for seniors, that, of course, can also be used by anyone else, you can stay busy and still have a good meal.

some of the senior meal delivery services I wrote about, and you can find them here. Contain also tips and ideas on how you can for storing meals ready to eat.

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