Difference Between White And Brown Eggs

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box with brown and white eggs

There are as many opinions about the difference between white and brown eggs as there are people.

“I also had an opinion and thought it was time to find out if I was right or wrong and I can tell you that I was wrong!”

Most Known Opinions About Brown And White Eggs

  • Brown eggs are healthier
  • White eggs come from a chicken factory
  • Brown eggs taste better
  • White eggs are cleaner

I guess I can make this list a lot longer, but I think you got the drift.

The truth about the difference between white and brown eggs is!!….. There is no difference!!
The color of an egg is determined by the race of the chicken and nothing else.

Here is a story that the lady, where we buy our eggs, told us when she asked her father long ago what the difference was between white and brown eggs. Her father asked her if she was going to eat the shell. In other words, there is no difference.

Taste Difference Between White And Brown Eggs

The taste of eggs is, however, is a different story. The food that a chicken eats has a great effect on its taste. That is why I think that most of the store-bought eggs have a lot less taste than the eggs we buy from a local farm where the chicken roams around all day.

There is however a big difference between the regular store-bought and the eggs from a farm where the chicken roam free all day.

The eggs we get from our local farmer have so much better taste and the color of the yolk is so much darker. The reason is that they eat what they can find and are fed a little extra with organic food and no hormones or other antibiotics added like in a chicken farm.

I realize that taste is very personal. I know people who do not eat brown eggs because they think they come from a dirty environment. But now it is proven that this is nonsense.

chicken with white and brown eggs

I can not explain why brown eggs are sometimes higher priced in the store but that probably has to do with marketing since people think they are healthier.

It can also have to do with the fact that most chickens that lay brown eggs are a larger breed. This results in fewer eggs per square foot for the producers, and a higher cost to feed them.

Like I wrote before we are probably blessed that we do not have to buy grass-fed beef online like others and also get our eggs from a farm that raises all their animals healthy.

Let me know if you have an opinion about the color of the eggs and if you like one or the other more.

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