Vitamins For Seniors (My Personal Preference)

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vitamins for seniors

There are a lot of stories going on about vitamins for seniors and whether we need them or not. Basically, the best and foremost vitamins for seniors and the elderly should come from a healthy diet.

There are however changes in our body when we get older that limit the absorption of certain vitamins. This is a good reason to see if vitamins are good for us.

You are not what you eat – You are what you absorb

Eating healthy does not mean that we absorb all the nutrients in the food we eat. Many multivitamins contain ingredients that are made synthetically and this makes them hard to absorb. Multivitamins should also contain trace minerals and many of the so-called best multivitamin brands do not contain any of them.

Best Vitamins For Seniors

Multi Vita Maxx vitamins

“I have to add that this is the best vitamin in my opinion after reading a lot of articles about what vitamin supplements are and do for us.”

I am not too much of a person that would use an over-the-counter vitamin. I like to research what I put in my body and make sure that I pay for something good.

This Multivitamin is suitable for men and women. It contains all types of fermented ingredients that will help our body absorb the vitamins and minerals as well as possible.

What I like most is that it is non-GMO and also contains no sugar like many other so-called health products do.

This multivitamin was recently only sold on their website but is now available on Amazon.

Although a little higher in price than other supplements for seniors, I think you get what you pay for.

You can find the best price here on Amazon.

More About Multi-Vitamins For Seniors And Elderly

It is much easier if someone explains it and is an expert in telling you what supplements seniors need. Here is a very good video on a case study done on thousands of seniors.

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Advice before taking vitamins

You should always consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting any new dietary supplement or program.
This is a general rule but very important, especially while starting to take vitamins for seniors’ energy. Also, look at what type of supplement you take. There are chewable vitamins for seniors also.

what vitamins are good for dementia

There are more questions on dementia lately, especially on what type of vitamins can help avoid it. I have not found a clear answer and I am not an expert in that field. I believe however that eating healthy and maybe using some top-rated vitamins can be part of nutritional supplements for the elderly.

If you have an opinion about vitamins you can share it in the comment section below.

Even if you have a look at some of the meal kits for seniors I wrote about you can choose to have the ones with the highest vitamin content.

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