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I am no food expert but like to eat healthy and love a good piece of meat on my plate every day. There is, however, a difference between the meat we used to eat when we were younger and the meat we eat nowadays in my opinion.

is grass fed beef better for the elderly

History Of Meat

I was born in the 50s and remember that the small town I was born in had 3 butcher stores. And the one closest to my house did his own slaughtering.

I can not recall having ever heard of grain being food for cows and since we lived next to a farm I can not remember ever seeing corn or grain in their food in the winter.

After that in my life with work and being busy I did not pay too much attention to these things either. In recent years I got more interested in what I eat and my health in general and decided to research meat in general.

I found that it is hard to find beef that comes from cows that only eat grass or hay as they are supposed to do.

Where we find our grass fed meat

We are in the happy circumstances that we live in an area with Mennonite and Amish farms and we found a farm that feeds their cows only grass and nothing else and also does not use any antibiotics.

Maybe when you start looking and asking around you can also find some farmers in your area that raises grass-fed and finished beef, but if not I found some alternatives online for you.

Three Online Stores For Grass Fed Beef

It took me a while and a lot of reading to find and compare a few of the online stores that sell grass-fed and grass-finished beef and or pork and chicken.

Snake River Farms

The Snake River Farms is located in Boise Idaho and is in business since 1968. They started out small and slowly expanded.

They offer Beef and Pork in several packages and the prices are, in my opinion, very competitive even when I compare them to my local farm.

You can have a look at the Snake River Farm Website here.

Crowd Cow

The Crowd Cow company is not a farm but sells the meat from several farms on their website. They sell Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Seafood.

They also offer American Wagyu beef for affordable prices. All beef comes from grass-fed and finished cows and is of the highest quality.

You can find all the information and prices on the Crow Cow website here.


Farmfoods might be one of the better-known brands when it comes to grass-fed and finished beef. They work with 6 farms and offer also pork, chicken, and seafood.

What I like is that this company does not spend a lot of money on fancy things like advertising and just keeps it as simple as possible to keep the prices as low as possible.

You can find the Farmfood website here, and check their prices.

Shipping of grass-fed beef

I see a lot of people being worried about how this meat will get shipped and if it thaws out during shipping. I have read all the websites and looked at their shipping methods and this is what I found.

All the meat will be shipped frozen and packed with dry ice. This will make it arrives at your doorsteps frozen and ready to pack in the freezer or to let it thaw out and be ready for some good-tasting meat.

Most farms only ship twice a week and this ensures even a better delivery service. If you can not be at home there are in most cases options to have it delivered at a time that is more convenient for you.

Question about grass fed beef

There are several things that make a difference between regular beef and grass-fed beef. I try to answer a few here.

Is grass fed beef gluten free?

I can only answer this with a big YES. You can eat grass-fed beef even if you are on a gluten-free diet or are sensitive to gluten. Grass and hay do not contain gluten. This also means that, in my opinion, you can also eat it when you have Celiac disease.

Is grass fed beef lean?

Yes, grass-fed beef is a lot leaner than regular beef from feeding lots. The reason is that the cows in feeding lots eat corn and grain in the last months of their lives to make them gain weight. Most of the weight gain is fat.

Is grass fed beef healthier?

I am no expert but in I think it is. This type of meat has about 30-40% less fat and contains more antioxidants and vitamins. It also contains less cholesterol and has no added hormones. They also are not fed with GMO corn and or soybeans.

How do you cook grass fed beef?

Basically, you can cook the meat the same but you have to keep a few things in mind. The meat is leaner so it means that it needs a lower temperature. I read that grass-fed beef tastes better when cooked at a medium temperature.

Why is grass fed beef higher in price?

On average the profit margin of beef is very low and only a profit can be made by having many cows and letting them grow as fast as possible as I mentioned in the part about feeding lots. This takes about 13 months

Grass fattened means that the cows gain weight at a much lower pass and this takes 18 to 24 months. It is easy to figure out that this will affect the price.

My take on grass fed beef

As I mentioned earlier, I like a good piece of meat for my dinner. But after reading more about how cows are fattened on corn and soybeans and all kinds of other types of grain it is pretty simple to see that this can not be too healthy for us.

GMO corn and soybeans are not good for us to eat and contain all kinds of chemicals and not to mention Round up (glyphosate). It is well known that this is not good for us. If a cow eats that, for him unnatural, food I also ingest it. Not a good idea if you like to stay healthy I think.

There is also an impact on the environment that is many times overlooked. Growing all that corn to feed a cow costs a lot of room and chemicals. This farmland could be used better. A cow that eats grass and hay produces fewer Methane gases and this is better for the environment and global warming.

Since the price is a little higher, but the quality is so much better and it’s called a high protein food for seniors, it makes sense to me to eat a small piece of quality meat instead of a large piece of meat that is not healthy. Especially now I am getting older.

If you have an opinion about grass-fed beef and naturally raised pork and chicken feel free to leave it in the comments.

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