Tips for senior citizen is a category on our website filled with ideas and options to make the life of seniors easier. From simple to more complicated tips and ideas.

How Much Water Should Seniors Drink

Staying well-hydrated is super important, especially for older folks like me. You see, there’s this study from UCLA that says 40% of seniors might not be drinking enough water regularly. And that’s not good because it can lead to some serious health issues like urinary tract infections, falls, kidney stones, and more. In fact, people …

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Senior Citizen Scams- The Top 5

Senior citizen scams are a growing problem that targets one of the most vulnerable populations in our society. As people age, sometimes they become more susceptible to financial scams and fraud, often due to a lack of familiarity with modern technology and a trusting nature. Read Also: The top 5 for senior citizen scams …

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