Non-Slip Placemats

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non slip placemats

The reason I am looking at non-slip placemats is that I ran into the question “How do I keep my placemats from sliding” several times and I had the same problem sometimes.

Reason enough to have a look at some placemats that do not slip.

I have found that there are several materials they use to make a placemat not slide all over the table or countertop.

One of them is rubber of course and we know that this has been used for many years. One of the newer ones is silicone and the advantage of that is that it is more heat resistant than rubber.

Silicone Placemats

The question of what is the best non-slip material I can not answer I just see my wife use more and more silicone nonslip placemats.

There are probably many places where you can buy these Silicone placemats but I found a store where I read many good customer reviews.

Dycem non-slip mat

If you click here you can see the models and prices.

If you click here you can see the models and prices.

More places to find Silicone placemats

One of the best places to find more silicone placemats is Amazon.

You can see a selection of them here.

You can see more here.

You can find more options here.

I might add some more anti-slip placemats later. I think, however, that if you click on one of the links here you can find all the options you need.

I have even seen some educational placemats of children if you like these as a gift to give to your grandchildren.

One of the reasons to use a non-slip placemat is that you can place your plate on your walker on the placemat and it will not move or slide around while you are walking from the kitchen to the table.

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