Long Handled Bath Brush Sponge

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Long-Handled Bath Sponge

A bath sponge with a long handle can make life a lot easier for seniors.

long handled bath sponge

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shower sponge

Second Follow Up

Dual Sided Long Handled Back Scrubber

I think this is a very nice product since it comes with 2 sides.

One is a side with stiffer bristles and the second side has softer bristles.

Available in 1 or 2 packs.

The price is around $10

long handled sponge for shower and bath

Quick Facts

I remember these types of bath brushes from years ago and it is good to see they are still available.

  • Handle length 17.1 inches
  • 2 types of bristles
  • Little heavy

3 in 1 Bath Brush Set

This 3 in 1 has multiple uses. And comes with a choice of 2 types of handles.

On is stiffer than the other.

The price is around $15

long handled back sponge with 3 heads

Quick Facts

With the 3 heads, you can choose which bristle or sponge to use.

  • Bath sponge
  • Stiff bristle
  • Pumice stone
  • Changing heads is not easy

Reusable Bath Sponge With Long Handle

The handle of this bath sponge can be reused to place another loofah sponge in.

The bad part is that it can only be used with a loofa-type bath sponge.

reusable bath sponge with long handle

Quick Facts

This long handle can be used over and over again and all you have to replace is the sponge itself.

  • Reusable
  • 17 inches long
  • Only for loofah sponges

Long Handled Bath Sponge – My opinion

A long-handled bath sponge is something that anyone can use, but it is especially useful for seniors and the elderly with limited mobility in their arms.

It was getting a little harder for me to wash my back. This made me realize that I had to find something to help me with that.

When I started looking for a solution to this problem I found these 3 products that in my opinion, all are great, but some of them might be better for you depending on what you need.


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