Long Handle Shovel And Spade

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Long Handle Shovel

Seniors can have a lot of benefits from a long handle shovel

older couple shoveling

Snow Shovel

long handle snow shovel

Garden Spade

Spear head shovel

Extra Long Handle Snow Shovel

Although not only for shoveling snow this aluminum scoop with a long handle is great for doing that.

The Price is around $80

long handle snow shovel

Quick Facts

This shovel has a 10-gauge blade and a 48″ handle.

  • Aluminum
  • 10-gauge
  • large blade
  • Price
ratings for long-handle snow shovel

Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel

Fiskars is a staple name when it comes to gardening tools.

This shovel has a 46 inches handle and weighs only a little under 5 ounces.

The price is around $40

long handle fiskar garden shovel

Quick Facts

With its spade shape, this Fiskars garden spade is great for digging and all types of work that require a strong spade.

  • For digging
  • For edging
  • 14 gauge steel
  • D-handle
  • Could be sharper on the edge
fiskar spade star ratings

Long Handled Spear Head Spade

Some digging requires a spearhead shovel to break through sods or roots.

This extra long-handle spearhead spade will do that for you.

The price is around $60

Quick Facts

Weighs about 4 pounds for heavy-duty digging and comes with a fiber glass handle

  • Sturdy
  • Great for rocky soil
  • Could not find any
star rating for spear head long handle spade

Long Handle Shovels – My Opinion

A long-handle shovel or spade comes with some advantages and means less bending and more leverage for scooping and that are just a few of them.

An extra long handle on your gardening tools can be not only a back saver but also make working in the garden a lot easier.

Let’s be honest and accept that getting older makes gardening a little harder sometimes. I decided that digging is one of the things that were getting harder for me.

After looking at the gardening stools to sit on I thought it was time to find some other product to make our life easier.

I have found 3 different types of shovels, spades, or whatever you like to call them that are worth having a look at in my opinion.

Eddie Vandam

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