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Dr. Earth fertilizer is one of the most looked-for brands to improve the soil in our garden.
Organic gardening is starting to become mainstream and many people grow their own food now in their backyard or even on a balcony.
It does not matter if you grew one plant in a container or an acre. The soil needs to contain the nutrients your plants need.
I have used the Dr. Earth organic fertilizer in my own garden and grown some great organic food with it.

Dr. Earth’s organic fertilizers reviews

I have only used a few of the Dr. Earth fertilizer products and since I was looking into using more I decided to share my results with you and have a look at how other people think about the Dr. earth products and especially their fertilizers.

Dr. Earth compost starter

Before I even started working on and planning my garden I already composted all my garden waste and kitchen scraps.
I think I do alright but was looking into how to improve my next batch of compost.
Reason enough to read a lot of the Dr earth compost starter reviews to see if it is worth adding the Dr earth starter fertilizer to an existing or starting compost pile with the help of this organic compost maker as some people called it.

I found almost a hundred people who bought the Dr. Earth compost starter and took the time to leave a customer review. The average rating was 4.1 out of 5 stars. You can click on the picture to read all the reviews if you like.

You can see that over 80% gave it a 4 and 5-star rating and another 12% gave it 3 stars.

Starting a compost pile needs a little planning and it is important to find the right place for your pile. I started my first one in the shade and that was not the best place since it stayed to cook inside the compost pile.

After reading through most of the reviews I believe this compost starter from Dr earth is a good way to get your compost pile starting faster if it is placed and loaded with the right amount of ingredients.

Dr. Earth vegetable fertilizer

One of the most popular homegrown plants is tomatoes. Tomatoes and many vegetables need the same type of fertilizer. Reason to have a good look at the Dr earth tomato vegetable herb fertilizer.

The first thing I noticed was the high ratings it got from the over 100 people who took the time to write about this organic fertilizer.
The ingredients are listed like on all Dr earth products and contain more than the usual NPK which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.
This vegetable fertilizer contains many micronutrients that many other products don’t have. Nutrients like: bone meal, alfalfa meal, soft rock, fish meal, seaweed extract, and a lot more like pro-biotics.

According to many gardeners that never used the Dr. Earth fertilizer before they could see a difference in how fast their crops grew and how much more yield they had than before.

The fertilizer comes with a manual on how to use it and even how to make tea from it poor on the plants.

If you look at the picture of the customer reviews you can see that 85% of the users gave it a 4 and 5-star rating and the average is 4.3 stars.

After reading a lot of the comments I think that this organic tomato fertilizer is going to be on my own list to give it a try in my vegetable garden.

Dr. Earth’s citrus fertilizer should actually call this subject the Dr earth fruit tree fertilizer because most fruit-bearing trees need the same nutrients.
This fertilizer can be applied to:

  • Citrus
  • Apple
  • Peaches
  • Nut trees
  • All berries
  • All vines

This fruit tree fertilizer is also known under the name Dr earth natural wonder because of the fact that it can be used on so many types of fruit, nuts, and berry trees.

After reading a lot of the reviews and questions people asked I think it is safe to say that this fruit tree fertilizer can be used on about any fruit, nuts, or berries-bearing trees and I have not found anyone that mentioned it did better without using it.

Dr. Earth hibiscus fertilizer

Besides fertilizers for veggies the Dr earth company also makes flower and plant fertilizers. A Hibiscus is a plant that many people like and have.
it needs some special attention sometimes and that is where this hibiscus fertilizer from Dr earth comes in place.

This so-called exotic blend is also good for fertilizing palm trees and many other tropical and sub-tropical plants.
The customer reviews were clear with an 80% 5-star rating and there is just one warning that it smells not too great when used indoors.

I noticed that some people expect instant results but improving an exotic tree is not done overnight. It can take a longer time of improving their soil with a nutrient-rich fertilizer like this Dr earth exotic blend.

Dr. Earth rose fertilizer

Roses are grown in many yards and can sometimes give us a hard time and need some special treatment. My roses in the front yard do need a little attention since they are in the full sun all day.

The reason for me to have a look at the Dr earth total advantage rose and flower fertilizer as it is officially called.

Although there are not a lot of reviews the ones we found gave this organic rose fertilizer an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 and this is pretty good especially since there are 87% 4 and 5-star ratings.

What stood out in the reviews I read is that this product seems to work in a very short time and many even mentioned a few days to see a difference.

For planting new roses I recommend Dr earth plant food and I found someone who mentioned making a tea of the Dr. Earht fertilizer and adding it to the planting hole before planting. I also read that many people rescued old plants that were almost gone and brought them back to growing and producing flowers again.

This Dr earth 702P organic rose and flower fertilizer is not restricted to roses alone. It also works on many other flowering plants.

About Dr. Earth’s fertilizer

If you read more about Dr earth fertilizer and the company on their website you can see that they have a vision that I can under scribe and as a visitor of ring the bells of peace I think you will do also.

Like I do believe that going back to organic food is the only way to reverse or prevent many diseases this company takes action by producing organic products to help our small organic backyard gardeners grow our own food that is loaded with nutrients and not loaded with chemical fertilizers.

I believe they also have dr earth’s lawn food to keep your lawn in great shape without using chemicals, but I will write about that later.

They have what is called a material safety data sheet for all their products and I was not able to find that on the website of a non-organic fertilizer-producing company. (you can find it here: https://drearth.com/msds/)

Organic gardening starts with organic soil that is free of pesticides and unwanted chemicals. I started my garden with a mix of organic soil and regular soil. Do you know that most garden soil is dead? It is sterilized to make it last longer and that is why we have to add all the chemicals before it is even suited to grow anything..

The Dr. Earth company sells a line of organic soils for all types of plants. From outdoor to house plants.

The Dr earth organic fertilizer they carry and we reviewed above are in my opinion top of the line although you might have your own favorite brand of course. If you like a beautiful lawn you should have a look at their natural lawn fertilizers on Amazon. It is important to follow the Dr earth fertilizer instructions for the best result. But depending on your soil you can add your own twist to it.

Dr. Earth Fertilizer ingredients

It is hard to tell what is in the Dr earth fertilizer since it depends on the type you buy. Fertilizers for tomatoes need different ingredients than fertilizers for a lawn.
Basically, the ingredients are a mix of fish meal, kelp meal, cotton seed meal, alfalfa meal, and many other ingredients and enzymes.

Where to buy Dr. earth products

The question of where to buy Dr earth fertilizer is not easy to answer. It is not available everywhere and I personally do not like to carry heavy bags from a store to my car and from my car to my yard. That is the reason I buy and order most of my dr earth plant food online.

Here is a link to Dr earth fertilizer products on Amazon that in my opinion are the best price. Dr earth products on Amazon.

In my all reviews, so also in these Dr earth fertilizer reviews, I also made some links to their more specific product. If you are interested in composting I can suggest my post about Charlie’s compost in our review section.

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