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I am getting more into gardening and growing our own vegetables and this is why I started looking for Compost. I did start my own composting project but it takes time to get that up and running. I will probably write about that and add pictures of how I do it later.

Charlie's compost

I found Charlie’s compost online and was surprised by the high number of positive reactions to this organic compost.
I am always trying to find out what a product is about before giving any recommendations. I did Charlie’s compos review and I am pretty impressed with it. You can read all my findings here.

Ingredients of Charlie’s Compost

One of the most important things to know is of course what is in your compost. After all your plants eat it and in the long run, you eat it when you use it to grow your vegetables.
Charlie’s compost contains the following ingredients:

  • Chicken manure from their own chicken farm
  • Straw
  • Forest products
  • Cornstalks
  • Clay
  • Hay
  • All microbe inoculates

The manufacturing process

The ingredients are all mixed and turned regularly as you can see in the picture. This is all done outside to make sure that they dry naturally and not by heating. Heating can damage or even kill some of the most valuable nutrients in the compost.

Charlie’s compost does not contain a high percentage of NPK because they believe that too many gardeners focus too much on this instead of the necessary nutrients in the compost.

How To Use Charlie’s Compost

The amount to use depends a lot on how your soil is before starting with composting.

  • poor soil needs about 4 inches on top and then you can mix it in with the soil
  • A richer soil needs about 1 or 2 inches and then mix it in with the soil.

What do people say about Charlie’s compost?

I have done a lot of reading on what people think about this compost and overall they are pretty happy with what it does for their plants and vegetables.

Some mentioned that this organic compost is very strong and to be careful to use it on new plants because it might hurt them.
Others wrote that they use it as is for germinating their seeds and to start their seedlings. This might depend on the type of seed and plants used probably.

What a lot of users mentioned is that it does not smell at all and this makes it also great to use indoors on houseplants.

What I do not understand is that Charlie’s compost 10lb bag is getting better ratings than the 25ln bag. It is the same material.

The price is mentioned a few times as a con for this product but like in most cases you get what you pay for.

At my local garden center, I have seen compost for a few dollars, but I seriously question the quality and am almost sure it is not organic.

If you like to see prices and where to buy Charlie’s compost click on the link below.

Charlie’s compost can be used for all plants and vegetables and I could not find anyone saying not to use it on certain plants. People added it to their worm-castings to improve that even more.
Read all the customer reviews here.

My opinion about Charlie’s compost

I cannot find out if this is really 100% organic but to be honest I sometimes wonder if such a thing even exists anymore. This comes pretty close to it and I feel that the owner of this company really cares about his product.

If you have used Charlie’s compost feel free to leave a comment here and share your experience with it. Click on the picture of the bag to see the price.

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