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Why do I change to an electric cordless and battery-powered weed eater? Because I am tired of working on my gas-powered trimmer!

I don’t know about you but I am getting tired of not starting weed eaters. Checking spark plugs, fuel filters, the fuel going bad, and a ton of more annoying things.
Lately, with the high voltage and Amps batteries, the cordless trimmers are so much better than a few years ago. I have seen whole packages with trimmers, hedge clippers, and small chain saws that all run on the same batteries.

My cordless weed eater reviews

I never give any advice on a specific brand but try to narrow it down to some well-known brand with a good reputation.
You pick the one rechargeable weed eater you think will work best for you and don’t forget to read the customer reviews.
The ones I recommend here are in random order and are a few of the ones I have on my personal wish list.

Black and Decker MCT220 Combination Mower – Trimmer – Edger

I know. This is not just a weed eater, but as I mentioned sometimes it is easier to buy a machine that combines everything in one. I found this one at a very affordable price. I also found over 2000 buyers who were pretty happy with it. Reason enough to add it here. Let’s have a look at it.

I still use my reliable Troy Bil riding mower that I have for many years now. But A small mower always was handy to have for those hard to reach corners.
This 3 in 1 mower, trimmer, and edger is at this moment on my wish list because of all the options it comes with.

This thing had a lot of features and one of them is the power drive transmission. In normal English, this means you don’t have to push it. It drives itself.

It comes with two batteries and if you keep them both charged there is no reason you can not finish the job.

You can find the price for this Black and Decker trimmer, edger, and mower here.

There are two things I advise to buy with this Black and Decker MCT220 and that are:

Extra batteries. I found a nice deal here.

Extra trimmer line
. I hate running out. This is a nice deal for this machine.

20 Volt Cordless Trimmer From Toro

I have used the Toro brand several times and think it is a good brand and it has been around for many years.

I looked at this Toro rechargeable weed wacker with 20 Volts. It comes with 5 Amps this Toro 5184 rechargeable weed eater, trimmer, and I think that this battery pack will keep it going for a while.

This weed wacker can also be easily changed into an edger with the push of a button. Nothing to unscrew or loosen up. A nice feature I think.

I read that inserting the battery was easy and removing it also gave no problems as some other brands have. A nice feature is that you can check how much juice is left in the battery. All you have to do is push a little button to see the status of your battery pack.

There is an automatic line feed system in this trimmer that will make sure that the line is always at the optimum length.

The adjustable handle can be adjusted in height and is made of sturdy aluminum. This makes it that you can adjust it to the ideal height and this is better for your back.

If like to see the price just click here.

Like always I recommend extra batteries and here is a nice deal!

A replacement spool is a necessity and I found a 3 pack for a great price here.

60 Volts Black and Decker Battery Powered Weed Eater

Are more Volts better? Some of our appliances run on 220 volts so I guess so! This Black and Decker comes with a 60 Volts battery and is one of the highest I have seen.

The line feed is what is called no bump. Meaning that you don’t have to bump it on the ground to get the trimmer line out of the head. I never liked that option and never found one that worked well. All you have to do is press a button and the line feed automatically.

Although 60 Volts this is still a cordless weed eater and don’t expect it to do a very large garden without running your battery empty.

You can find the price for this weed eater here.

There are two spare batteries available for the Black and Decker.
The powerful 2.5ah LBX2560 and the 1.5ah LBX1560. This is a personal choice and I think the higher-powered is more for tougher jobs. If you just use it for light trimming you can get away with the lighter 1.5ah.
You can find both 60 Volt batteries here.

The next thing is a spare spool with a trimmer line. Nothing more annoying than running out in the middle of trimming or edging. Been there done that!
I found a good deal and this where I found the EFD-080 .08″ replacement spool for this trimmer.

More Battery powered weed eaters  and some tips

It is a good idea to keep your batteries charged. Even in the winter I once in a while charge mine to keep them in shape.

If you can afford it buy an extra battery pack. First of all, it is great to have a spare and remember that batteries do not last forever.
You can always find a new charger if you ever need one. Here is a place where you can have a look at the Black and Decker charges and also can find other brands in the search box.

You can find some more easy gardening tips here on the website and I hope that this short cordless weed eater review here in this article helped you to find the one that fits your needs.

Eddie Vandam

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