Best Toe Nail Clippers For Seniors

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toenail clippers for seniors

The reason I tried to find the best toenail clippers for seniors is that my toenails were getting thicker and this in combination with less strength in my hands made me have a look at them.

I found that the benefits are that you do not have to use so much force to cut your nails.
Thicker nails need more specialized tools and I found several that might help you with making it easier to cut your toenails.

I always try to find multiple options because there is no one-size-fits-all. The ones I found here are different in the way you use them so there must be one that will fit your needs.

I also had a look at long handled toenail clippers here for people with less mobility.

If this is not the one you need you can click on one of them and look at the store to see if there are other ones available that will help you better.

Precision Toenail Clipper

4.6 star rating
4.6 Stars
precision toenail clipper

This Clipper comes with tempered and sharpened blades for precise and clean cuts. The surgical-grade stainless steel allows you to cut through the thickest nails.

The wide jaw opens up to one inch and the thick rubber handle works even for people with weaker hands.

Comes with a lifetime warranty and will be replaced for any reason.

Effortless Clippers With Diagonal Blade

4.3 Stars
toenail  clipper wit diagonal blade

This nail clipper is made from heavy-duty Stainless Steel and comes with a curved blade. The easy-grip works well and is well designed I read from many buyers.

What I like is that the handle has a tiny roller in the spring for easy and smooth working.

Extra Large Toenail Clippers

4.4 Stars
Extra wide toenail clipper

This nail clipper for the elderly has a wide mouth of 4 mm and that should be enough for even thick nails.

If you look at this clipper you also have the option to add a nice luxury nail grooming set in a leather case.

Basic Toenail and Pedicure Tool For Seniors

4.6 star rating
4.6 Stars
soft handle toenail clipper

These Zizzili easy-grip nail clippers are made of Stainless Steel and precision aligned blades. What I think is a feature I like is the thin point that gives you the option to cut even smaller ingrown nails.

Kohm Cp-900 Clippers Soft Handle For Seniors

4.6 star rating
4.6 Stars
nail clipper with rubberized handle

There are blades on this nail clipper for seniors that are .79 inches long (2 cm) and they are slightly curved to make it very easy to use.

The grip is rubberized for a good grip even for weaker hands. The jaws open up to a little over an inch to make it possible to clip thick nails.

Toenail Clippers For Seniors – My Opinion

All the toenail clippers here can also be used by other people than the elderly of course. However, most of the brands and models I had a look at here have some features that make them easier to use.

For example, people who are a little older and have some problems with their hands or have arthritis.

I have tried to find the best toenail clippers for seniors that also have good ratings. The ones I have here all have ratings that are higher than 4.4 stars from many happy buyers.

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