Beach Rollator Walker

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Beach Rollator Walker Review

Getting around on the beach is a lot easier with a rollator that is built for it.

beach rollator

Beach Rollator

If you have ever been to the beach and tried to use your regular walker you know that this is almost impossible.

The small wheels get stuck in the sand and this makes it basically useless for the beach.

If you are a beachgoer and like to use your walker there a special beach rollator is one of the best things for that.

beach rolator walkeer

Quick Facts for beach rollators

A beach rollator walker comes with special-sized rollator beach wheels that make it able to walk on a sandy beach.


  • Easy to use
  • Foldable
  • Light weight


  • Price

Beach Rollator Walker – My opinion

I had a good look at this beach rollator and I am impressed with it. The wheels are very big and this is the reason you can use them on the sand of a beach.

The front wheel is 11.8 inches in diameter and 7 inches wide and the rear is 9.4 inches in diameter and 4.8 inches wide. The tires are made of Polyurethane.

The weight is only 25 pounds and that is because it is made of powder-coated aluminum. This also makes it very resistant to the salt water and air at the beach.

The height is adjustable from 34 to 39 inches and this makes it easy to use for about any size person.

This beach rollator also works very well under other circumstances such as gravel, snow, and other softer surfaces where a standard rollator is hard to use.

This answers the question if you can use a rollator on the beach. Yes, you can if it has beach wheels like the one I am writing about.

The price is a little steep but if you like to go to the beach or take walks on other surfaces that are not suited for your normal walker I think it will pay back in enjoying more of the outdoors.

Some beaches offer beach rollators for rent so when you plan a beach visit try to call if they offer this service.

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