Toilet Safety Rails – Best Free Standing And Fixed

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Toilet Safety Rails reviews

For the ones who are having a hard time getting off the toilet, a safety rail can be a great way to help and keep your balance.

toilet safety rail

Editors Choice

free standing adjustable toile seat rail

First Follow Up

semi fixed toilet safety rail

Second Follow Up

Toilet safety rail attached to the wall

Free Standing Toilet Safety Rail

This is my personal choice for the situation in our house. However, your situation might be different than ours.

The easy-to-adjust height in combination with a very stable frame makes it my first recommendation.

free standing toilet safety rail

Quick Facts For Free-Standing Toilet Rail

Text for the quick facts for the first product and so on.

  • Fully adjustable in height
  • Very well built
  • Stable
  • Could be pricy

Semi Fixed Toilet Safety Rail

If you think a more permanent fixed toilet safety rail is a better option, I suggest looking at this one.

Maybe you must remove the toilet seat first to install it and later place it back.

semi fixed toilet safety rail

Quick Facts Semi-Fixed Toilet Safety Rail

If you feel safer when the rail is attache to the toilet itself and don’t mind a little more steps to install this is a niche product to take into consideration.

  • Attached to the toilet for more stability
  • Little hard to install

Wall Mounted Toilet Safty Rail

This toilet safety rail is mounted to the wall and can be moved out of the way.

This makes it easy to use only if needed and the rest of the time it can be collapsed.

wall mounted toilet safety rail

Quick Facts For Wall-Mounted Toilet Safety Rail

This one had to be installed in a stud in the wall and requires some drilling and maybe anchors to install.

  • Can Be collapsed
  • Affordable
  • More complicated to install
  • Might need one on each side of the toilet.

Toilet Safety Rails- My opinion

There are several types of toilet safety rails. I personally prefer the one that is stand-alone for the reason that it can be removed when not in use.

The permanently fixed ones on the wall or on the toilet are great if there are not multiple persons using this toilet.

That is the reason I gave 3 options to choose from. The model that fits your needs the best might not be one of them and then I suggest you look at Amazon where they have much more available.

I see the question of how high should a toilet rails be and I believe that it all depends on the height and the strength of the person using it.

The second question I see is how do you install a toilet safety rail? Installing a toilet safety rail is depending on the type. Some can be just placed over the toilet and for others, you might first have to remove the toilet seat to install it.

Overall, I think installing a toilet safety rail in most bathrooms is not hard.

These safety rails for toilets are also for sale in many home improvement stores such as Home Depot. Lowes and even Walmart. However, they might not have them in stock and have to order the for you.

You can also find them in many health products stores but it is my opinion that the prices are a lot higher there in most cases.

So, it is hard to decide on what is the best toilet safety rail since it depends on several factors as you could read here. Remember that they can be part of a fall protection plan to avoid injuries

I had a good friend that used one for a while after his hip replacement surgery and kept using it for convenience.


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