Wheelchair Poncho

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Wheelchair Poncho

In many cases, it is a fact that wheelchairs and rain are not the best combinations.

wheelchair poncho

Wheelchair Rain Poncho


In many cases, it is a fact that wheelchairs and rain are not the best combinations. However, with a wheelchair poncho, you still can get around without becoming soaking wet.

Getting outdoors is not always easy when we are having rain, snow, or other weather besides the sun. With this poncho you don’t have to worry about that, It will keep your body, arms, and head covered and sheltered from the rain.

wheelchair poncho

Quick Facts For Wheelchair Poncho

If you have to use a wheelchair outdoors and still like to go out when the weather is not that great I think this is a good product to help you stay dry and even warmer with the insulating layers.

If you go out and there is a change of rain you can attach it to the back of the seat of your wheelchair. It contains a waterproof front pocket that you can use for things like cell phones, keys, or anything else.
The weight is only 1.7 pounds and the size is:

  • Front 73 inches long
  • 56+ inches long in the back
  • Easy to put on
  • Can be removed in seconds
  • Need some hand strength

Wheelchair Poncho – My opinion

A wheelchair Poncho comes in very handy when you have to go out in the rain using your wheelchair. Not only will shelter you from the rain but also keeps you warm.


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