Toilet Height Extenders

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Toilet height extender

Toilet height extenders are also called toilet seat risers or high toilet seats for the elderly and there are a dozen other names for them.
There is a wide variety of sizes and models available and it is pretty easy to find the one that will fit your toilet.

When we started looking at toilet height extenders for the elderly we found that most people look for a 2-inch toilet seat riser.

This is of course not the only size that seniors look for and that you can buy. There are raised toilet seats from 1 inch to 8 inches in the stores and the other option to choose from is a raised toilet seat with arms or not.

As I mentioned before there is a solution for your specific situation available and I have seen them being advised after hip replacement and these will help you with that.

For some people, it can be a little embarrassing to go to a regular store. If that is the case we recommend you purchase your toilet height extenders online in stores like Amazon. This will also save gas and travel time and you can take as long as you need to find the right one.

2 inch toilet height extenders

For some of us, one inch can make already a world of difference in helping us get up from sitting on the commode.
There are many other options. Padded, with arms, and a lot more. We have gathered the most bought and highest-rated ones for you in this part of our reviews.

2 inch toilet height extender with arms

The other option is to choose the 2-inch with an arm to help you get up even easier.
Again we found the ones that we think are the best buy.

More options for a raised toilet seat

It does not matter if you need a round, oblong, or elongated toilet seat riser. Those are also available in several heights.

One other choice you have is to pick a portable toilet seat or one that can be permanently fixed to your toilet bowl.

In most situations, a portable elevated seat will work fine if multiple people use the same toilet. If you are the only one that uses the toilet, the option to secure it is maybe something to look into.

The best selling toilet height extenders

We have some of the most bought toilet seat risers here in one place for you.

If you click on them it will give you more information and options to look at other models or different height toilet height extenders.

If you have advice for our readers then feel free to leave it in the comment section below and help other people to find the best toilet riser for their specific needs.

We have also looked at bathroom grab bars and they can also be installed as an option to help you get up from the toilet.

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