Best Grabber And Reacher Tool For Elderly

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Best Grabber Tool Reviews

The grabber tool reviews show that they can make it so much easier for seniors to pick up something without having to bend over.

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Foldable Grabber Tool

This foldable grabber took is the one I recommend first since I read that it is very easy to use even for people with weaker strength in their hands

grabber reacjer tool

Quick Facts For Foldable Grabber Tool

The convenient steel foldable grabber is made of steel and so is the inner cord. This makes it in my opinion a high-quality product and that is supported by the rating of over 6700 people who bought this.

  • All steel construction
  • Extra long reach
  • Magnet in grab arm
  • Hard on picking up paper
  • Grabber head does not rotate
  • Handle is plastic

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Luxet Grabber And Reacher

A little lesser rating and that is why it is number two this 32 inches long grabber tool.

reacher grabber

Quick Facts For The Luxter Pick Up Stick

Just like the first one this grabber also comes with a magnet in the part that grabs. It is kind of you to like it or you don’t with this product. Some users say it works great on small pieces and others mention the opposite.

  • Magnet in the top
  • Easy to use for reaching on shelf
  • 32 inches is a pro
  • Cheaply made
  • Not for dressing aid
  • Mixed opinions

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7 Piece Grabber Kit

This is a kit with 7 grabbers and other helpful items in it. I found a high number of good ratings. Especially from people who had a hip replacement. They were happy with all the extra items in this kit

muliptl reacher kit

Quick Facts For The 7 Piece Reacher Set

The 7 items in this kit are not just grabbing tools but also contain a dressing aid stick, a bath sponge, and also a long-handled shoehorn. Although I think you should maybe have a look at my long handled shoe horn page for that.


  • 2 size rotating grabbers
  • Leg lifter strap included
  • Dressing aid included


  • Some issues with the quality
  • Shoehorn made of plastic
  • Shower sponge is not very useful

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Grabber tool review – My opinion

There is, in my opinion, no one size fits all. Each and every one of us has special needs and that I why I had a good look at three of the most sold grabber tools. That is why can have a look at all grabber tools here.

A grabber tool or reacher as some people call it can be very useful for seniors. Especially when bending is not that easy for reasons like hip replacement or just because of getting older.

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