button hooks for seniors and people with arthritis

Button Hook To Help You Button Up Any Clothing

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button hooks for seniors and people with arthritis

When I started reading about a button hook I initially thought it was something that was used many years ago. Then after doing some more research I found that it can be a great little tool to help seniors or people with some physical problems help to close the buttons on their shirts or any other clothing.

A good button hook tool cost very little and can be very helpful.

Here is our pick for the top 5 of what some people call an antique button hook.

Like always we try to find the ones with the highest customer ratings and the most affordable prices.

Good grips button hook

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Button hook for independent living

We might as well start with the best selling button hook and that is the Good Grips button hook and the best seller in the largest online store. We found over 530 reviews and they gave it an average of 4.6 stars

What most people liked is the soft cushioned handle that comes with flexible ribs that make it very easy to use for people with arthritis. Because of the total length of 6 inches, this item is easy to carry on you.

The top button on shirts is always the hardest one to get through the holes but many users mention that they had no problem with them at all.

Using this or any other button hook takes a little bit of practice to get the angle and button right to pull it through the buttonhole in your shirt or any other piece of clothing.

Button hook by Vive

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Button hook for independent living

The Vive company sells a lot of easy to use products and its wide handle button hook is one of them. Like the description already says it is a wide-angle hook

This means that the opening starts wide and then narrows down to hold the button in a position to pull it through the hole. The handle is promoted as non-slip and

With over 90% of the users giving it a 4 and 5-star rating, you can not go wrong with this Vive button hook. I found and read a lot of the over 140 reviews and they were most of the time very positive on how easy this hook was to use and how sturdy it was. It worked even on those hard buttons on jeans that were mentioned a few times.

Ribbed handled button hook

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Button hook for independent living

I tried to upload a picture of this button hook to the website but I could not get it right so I apologize but no picture for this nice button hook.

What I read is that this a pretty big button hook and can also be used on zippers because of the hook that can be attached to the zipper

One lady bought it to help her with the zipper on the back of a dress and mentioned that that was still not easy and for her did not work. Someone else mentioned that it worked well as a button hook for jeans and helped her zip up her jeans and had no problem with it at all.

Overall again a button hook that got 4.4 stars out of 5 and that is not a bad score in my opinion.

3 affordable button hooks

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shirt collar button hook aid light weight

Same problem with uploading this picture and will try to upload a different one later. For now, this is the last button hook we review since we found that the last one we were looking at was the same as number one just by a different company.

This package comes with 3 lightweight button hooks that on the other side of the handle comes with a hook that can be used for the zipper in all sizes.

Since there are 3 in the package you can have them in multiple rooms or in multiple locations like an RV or camper and one at home. You can also give on to someone as a present and to try them.

About button hooks and how to use them

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Button hooks were designed in the Victorian era to help people pull the button on the leather laces of their boots and shoes through the holes.
There are even mentioned as early as 1611.

Leather can be a very hard material and although maybe some people still use them for that purpose there are more people now that use a button hook aid because they have arthritis or are handicapped.

Since this website reviews products for seniors I thought that a button hook review could not be left out. I also read that some people call them button helper for arthritis and that makes sense to me.

They are also known under the name button assist tool or button helper hooks and I guess that locally they might even have many other names for them.

Here is a video on how to use a button hook.

I believe that a button hook for the elderly can be a great assistant in staying independent and being able to get dressed. I read even that a Parkinson’s disease patient used this to help himself getting dressed in the morning without help since he started using this very cheap button hook.

There are collectors that have been collecting antique button hooks and pay a lot of money for them. If you have one of those you can maybe make some money on it. On eBay, I have seen them go for as much as 40 dollars.

This is however not the reason for our button hook reviews. We found that many people when they get a little older and hands sometimes work not that good anymore because of arthritis can have a lot of benefits from using a button hook.

I found a few people with one hand that we’re able to use them, but I also read of someone in the same position that could do it with one hand. I guess it all depends on the person.

Eddie Vandam

Eddie Vandam realized when he was getting older that it was hard to find information about products for seniors and decided to share his experiences here on the website to help others. Read more.

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