Social Security Scams

Scammers are pretending to be government employees. Scammers will try to scare you and trick you into giving them your personal information and money.

They may threaten you or your family and may demand immediate payment to avoid arrest or other legal action.

I received an email from the Social Security with this warning and am sharing it here with you.


  • Hang up!
  • Never give personal information
  • Report the scam

You can and should report the scam at the Social Security website:

What to look out for

There are a few tricks they try to find out your information or try to send you money.

  • The call or email says there is a problem with your Social Security Number or account.
  • Someone asking you to pay a fine or debt with retail gift cards, wire transfers, pre-paid debit cards, internet currency, or by mailing cash.
  • Scammers pretend they’re from Social Security or another government agency. Caller ID or documents sent by email may look official but they are not.
  • Callers threaten you with arrest or other legal action.

Although Social Security may call you they will never threaten you, suspend your social security number, demand payment by gift card, prepaid debit card, wire transfer or cash.

Protect Yourself and Others

  • If you receive a questionable call, hang up and report it at
  • Don’t be embarrassed to report a financial loss or sharing information
  • Learn more at
  • Share this information with others

I encourage you to share this information with as many people as possible and prevent things like this to happen to them.

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