Most Known Senior Citizen Schemes – How To Avoid Them

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senior citizen schemes and scams

As we age, we become the target of various types of scams and frauds that target seniors as us.

In this article, I will discuss some of the most well-known senior citizen schemes and provide tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of these schemes.

These schemes that especially target seniors can take many forms and can include phone scams, email scams, lottery scams, and more.

  • Phone scams
  • Email scams
  • Lottery scams

These are just a few of them. These scams can result in significant financial loss and emotional distress for seniors.

Helpful Resources For Senior Citizen Scams

However, there are several options that have been developed to help protect seniors from these types of scams.

National Do Not Call Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry The National Do Not Call Registry is a program developed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that helps seniors block unwanted telemarketing calls. Once a senior citizen registers their phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry, telemarketers are not allowed to call them. However, it’s important to note that this program does not apply to calls from charities, political organizations, or companies with which you have an existing business relationship.

Medicare Fraud Strike Force

Medicare Fraud Strike Force The Medicare Fraud Strike Force is a joint initiative between the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services that is designed to combat Medicare fraud. The Strike Force investigates and prosecutes individuals and companies that are suspected of committing Medicare fraud. Medicare fraud can take many forms, including billing for services that were not provided, providing unnecessary services, and more.

To avoid becoming a victim of Medicare fraud, it’s important to review your Medicare Summary Notice carefully and report any suspicious activity to the Medicare Fraud Strike Force.

Senior Medicare Patrol

Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) The Senior Medicare Patrol is a program that is designed to educate seniors about Medicare fraud and help them identify and report suspected fraud. SMP volunteers work with seniors to help them understand their Medicare benefits, detect and report fraud, and receive assistance with resolving billing issues. The SMP also provides training and education to healthcare providers and organizations to help prevent Medicare fraud.

Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act

Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act The Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act is a law that was enacted in 2017 to help combat elder abuse. The Act provides for the establishment of an Elder Justice Coordinating Council to help coordinate the federal government’s efforts to prevent elder abuse. It also provides for the training of law enforcement and other professionals to better identify and respond to cases of elder abuse.

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of A Senior Citizen Scheme

To avoid becoming a victim of these schemes, it’s important to stay vigilant and be aware of the various types of scams that are out there. Here are some tips on how to avoid being scammed:

  1. Never give out personal information over the phone or through email, especially if you don’t know the person who is asking for it.
  2. Be wary of unsolicited phone calls, emails, or letters that ask for money or personal information.
  3. Don’t be afraid to hang up on a telemarketer or solicitor who is being pushy or aggressive.
  4. If you receive a suspicious phone call or email, report it to the appropriate authorities, such as the Federal Trade Commission or your local law enforcement agency.
  5. Review your credit card and bank statements regularly to check for any unauthorized charges or suspicious activity.
fraud schemes

Senior Citizen Schemes And Scams – Summary

There are several programs that have been developed to help protect seniors from scams and frauds.

However, staying vigilant and following the tips outlined in this article, you can help avoid becoming a victim of these schemes and protect yourself from financial loss and emotional distress.

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