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plushbeds mattress

In this PlushBeds reviews, I will have a look at the mattresses of this firm that claims that they focus on organic and natural materials in their Latex mattresses.

They have 3 models in this Organic latex category and I will have a look at all three here.

What do The PlusBeds Latex mattress models have in common?

All the models have a few things in common and other things are more specific to the model you are looking for. Here is what they have in common

  • Open-cell latex
  • GreenGuard certification
  • Handcrafted in California

Let’s have a better look a the different models and how they each have their own specifics to help you find your perfect organic latex mattress.

Plushbeds Natural Latex Mattresses

If you view this on your phone you can scroll the information below –> left to right <–to read more about the Plushbed Mattresses.

ModelBest Price!Best For:
Botanical Bliss
botanical bliss mattress

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Those who want the finest in award-winning organic comfort and supreme adjustability.
Luxury Bliss
Luxury Bliss mattress

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Those who prefer their comfort with a little extra support or who are looking to reduce partner disturbance.
Natural Bliss
Natural Bliss mattress

Click here for a full Plushbeds Natural Bliss review
Those looking for a wool-free, all-natural latex option. Also a great value option and perfect for kids.

Let’s look a little better at the models and see what each of them has to offer.

Botanical Bliss

The Plushbeds Botanical bliss is made from 100% organic Arpico latex and has adjustable firmness layers and an organic wool barrier. The Botanical Bliss is built with several layers. From top to bottom they are:

  • Certified organic cotton cover
  • 10 pounds of certified organic wool
  • Organic Dunlop layers

Instead of trying to cramp all the features here on this page, I decided to move them all to a separate page and you can find the PlushBeds Botanical mattress review here.

Luxury Bliss

The Plushbeds luxury bliss is made from 100% organic Arpico latex and has fabric-encased coils and an organic wool barrier. The layers that this one is built up by are:

  • Certified organic cover
  • Juma wool fire barrier
  • Fabric-encased coils for spine support

Just like for the other models I have written a whole in-depth overview of all the options and buying options in my PlushBeds Luxury Bliss review here on its own page.

Natural Bliss

The Plushbeds natural bliss is made of only one sort of Latex. That is the Talalay latex and it also comes with a plant-based Eco fire barrier. From top to bottom the layers are:

  • Organic certified cover
  • Fire barrier made or plant fiber material
  • Talalay layer of Dunlop latex

You can read my whole PlushBeds Natural Bliss review here and find out if the all-natural option is what you need in your mattress.

What I like about the PlushBeds

What I also like so far is that after purchasing a PlushBeds mattress you have a 100-day trial and free return.

This in combination with a 25-year warranty makes it, although high in price, a very good deal in my opinion. Have you ever had a mattress that lasted 25 Years? I have not.

PlushBeds organic certifications
Click here to read more!

Here you can have a look at the comparison of the main features of these 3 Organic latex models they carry.

Compare all PlushBeds Organic Latex Mattresses here!

Types of Latex in PlushBeds

Let’s dig a little deeper into the used latex in these natural latex mattresses and see what they are and where they come from.

Arpico latex

This Latex is found in the Botanical Bliss and Luxury Bliss models

This latex comes from the Arpico rubber tree plantation in Biyagama Shri Lanka. They have about 5.5 million rubber trees on the plantation and are Gols certified by the CU. Control Union is the largest European organic regulator.

Here is a video of the Arpco Latex firm that shows how latex foam is made

Talalay Latex

This is found in the Natural Bliss models. (

This type of latex comes from the Hevea Brasileinsis tree and it is not just a different type of latex. The name comes actually from how the latex is processed.

After this, it is moved to Shelton, CT where it is processed. The Talalay latex is Oeko-Tex certified and according to their company website, this is the highest standard.

Benefits of Latex mattresses

All latex mattresses have these benefits, but PlushBeds latex mattresses have the added benefit of being organic and thus contain no chemicals. Here are the main benefits of a latex mattress.

  • Reduce motion transfer

This means that you can turn over without disturbing your partner.

  • Temperature neutral

This means that you do not have hot and cold spots.

  • Firmness option

This option will help you find the firmness and model that will support the way you sleep the best.

Is PlushBeds a good mattress?

Overall the PlushBeds is a high-quality mattress with many pros.

It is, however, not easy to answer this question of whether the PlushBeds is a good mattress for everyone because like anything else it depends on a few things.

In my reviews, I found that most people who sleep on their stomachs do not like a latex mattress in general because of its firmness.

For all other types of sleeping like back or side sleepers, this is a great option.

How to choose your PlushBeds Mattress

Depending on if you choose a Botanical Bliss, Luxury bliss, or Natural Bliss there are several options to choose from and you actually put together your custom-made natural bed.

Options to choose from are:

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal. King and many sizes in between

Firmness: Soft, medium, and medium firm.

Thickness: 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12 inches.

I read on a forum that it is best to choose a thicker option if your weight is a little higher.

Why opt for PlushBeds?

Why would you opt for a Natural Latex bed from PlushBeds?

After reading a ton of reviews on their website, which I always take with a grain of salt, and many other sites and even on some forums I can only come to the conclusion that a PlushBeds is a complete natural bed that contains no chemical materials like other brands and types of mattresses.

We sleep or at least try to, 8 hours a day which is 1/3 of our life. Sleeping on a not-natural mattress means that our skin also absorbs the chemicals in these mattresses.

Besides that point, it is very important to have a good night’s sleep to recover from the things we do in the daytime.

By sleeping on a good mattress and trying to make our bedroom free of any distractions like a TV or Phone we can give our bodies the necessary time to recover.

Pros and Cons

Although it is hard to judge a mattress since we all have different opinions about soft or firm and how deep we sink in our bed I have to come to the final pros and cons of the PlushBeds mattresses.


Support is very good in most positions although a stomach sleeper should opt for a little softer model.

Sleep temperature is a subject that many people think is very important and the PlushBeds sleep very cool in general.

The organic way the beds a built is a very important factor in my opinion. Organic materials and natural woods are both parts of their production.

Looking at the durability I can only answer that with that it comes with a 25-year warranty.

The price, compared to the quality is reasonable.

This is almost a must-have bed for people with allergies or that do like to stay away from harmful chemicals.


When sleeping with a partner there might be a little motion transfer which means that your partner might be disturbed when you move a lot.

The firmness of a latex mattress means that you will not “sink” very deep into the mattress compared to a memory foam mattress.

You need some time to get used to this type of mattress if you never had one before.

Plushbeds Reviews – My Opinion

Overall the PlushBeds mattresses are a good mattress with good comfort and support. Very nice for people who like to sleep “cool” with the built-in feature of airflow that it comes with.

The price is, according to some people, a little steep but I have a different opinion about that.

People buy an expensive car that they sometimes do not even use every day, but for a mattress that they use 8 hours a day, and this is 1/3 of their lives, they are not willing to pay a little more.

If you like you can Click Here and have a look at their website!

I spend a lot of time doing these PlushBeds reviews and tried to focus on the PlushBeds latex mattresses because they are in my opinion the best choice.

Feel free to add your opinion to my PlushBeds reviews and share it with the readers here.

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