How I Make Money With This Website

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On this page I will tell you how I make money with this website and how you can do the same thing and it will only cost about 5 dollars a month.

You have probably heard that people make money by writing on their own website?
Well, I am one of them and I believe that it is a great way for seniors to make extra money, that we can all use.

let me tell you my story and help you in understanding how this all works and how easy it is to make money with a little website like mine!
I have a page where I tell all the Legal stuff here.

I can see that you would not like to read all of that so here is the summary.

The pages on the have affiliate links on them.( I will explain all about that later so don’t worry). These links can make me money, but will never add any extra cost to the readers of my blog. I also do not get paid to write this information and what I write is my personal opinion.
So far for all the legal talk. Let’s get started by telling you how I make money here with my blog!

How I make Money here and my story!

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years ago I was the owner of a small restaurant and felt that my business needed a website. After finding out how much some companies charged for that I decided to give it a try myself.

That was back in 2007 and started a brand new adventure in my life. It also changed my life in a way that later on I sold my restaurant and started living off the money I made online with this and other websites.
This is what’s called being a “blogger”.

If people hear that I stay home and make money doing this blogging thing the next thing they ask is.


I guess that if you started reading my story you have the same question. YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. I will try to answer every question you have because I had the same ones years ago.

When you come to a website and it mentions that it contains “affiliate links” you have found how they make money with what is called affiliate marketing.

This is a free way for website owners to make money with their websites.

It is also how I make money here on

Affiliate marketing basically means that you find things you are interested in and share them on your website. You make a commission if someone buys the product you are writing about.

There are also other ways of making money but this affiliate marketing is how I make money here on the senior citizen website.

Have you ever heard of the online store called Amazon? I am positive you have!

Amazon offers a program that you can join for free for people like you and me that are writing (blogging) to make money by recommending products you find on Amazon.

Basically this is what I do. I spend time on Amazon “shopping around” to find what people are looking for and then I share it here on my blog.

Staying home, working when I want, finding things that others ARE BUYING. That is a pretty awesome “job” I have!

I will answer some of the most asked questions I get asked when people find out I work at home as a blogger and make money doing that. I love answering these questions and help others to get started doing the same.

First of all, anyone can have a blog like mine to add some extra money every month.

I love being my own boss!!
Work when I can and not work if I don’t feel like it! Spend more time with my wife and family.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

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That is most of the time the first question and the second one is how long it took me to start making money.

The first thing you need to know is that it did not happen overnight!
Unless you win the lottery there are no ways to “become rich” overnight.

But it did not take long!

This website has only been online for not even a year and makes me a couple of hundred dollars a month.

The nice thing is that it even makes me money when I am not working. Why? Because the internet is open 24/7 and every day.

How Much Does It Cost You?

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That sounds nice making money but you probably had to pay a lot of money to get started?

This is most of the time the next question and when I answer it NO ONE BELIEVES ME! when I tell them how much it cost to get started with a blog like this!

Are you ready for the answer?

Starting blogging cost only $5 a month!

That is not a typo!! FIVE DOLLAR A MONTH!

This is really all it takes to start your own website and make money with it!

Is There Help To Get Started?

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Reading this I assume you are like me and are looking for FREE HELP TO GET STARTED. If I would tell you that you had to pay for it my 5 dollar a month promise would not be true.
I started out by reading on a website called WP-beginners and you can find it here. You can find a lot of FREE INFORMATION.

Let Me Help You

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Basically all you need is two things to get started with a website.

    • A so-called hosting company

This is where your website will live and be put on the internet.

    • A domain name

The domain name of this website is I have registered this name and no one in the whole world can use this anymore.
At the cheap company I use this will cost you $15.95 each year and Under $4 A month for the hosting. I TOLD YOU!! ABOUT $5 A MONTH TOTAL!!

Did I miss anything? let me see?

1. How I make Money here and my story!
2. How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?
3. How Much Does It Cost You?
5. Is There Help To Get Started?
6. Let Me Help You

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me feel free to contact me through our contact page here!