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picture phone for seniors

I know that picture phones for seniors are maybe a thing of the past now about everyone has a cell phone, but there are still people who have a landline and use a home phone.

Cell phones come in most cases with a lot of options that most of us, including me, never use or have a need for. It was already easy that you can dial a name instead of a number but for some people a picture paints a thousand words and are easier to remember.

I had a look at some picture phones for the elderly like some people call them and although the review ratings do not it the roof they are reasonably rated.

Picture Care Phone With 911 Key

Picture Care Phone With 911 Key

This Future Call FC-1007 has some nice features. It can hold 10 pictures that will call that person with one press of the button. Of course, the pictures can be replaced when needed and the button reprogrammed with another phone number.

The ringer has 3 settings. High, Low, and Off this make it easy to adjust for someone who is hard of hearing.

One thing I think might be important in some cases is the red 911 button that just needs to be pressed and the emergency number will be dialed. There is an option to disable this button also.

Another nice feature is the bright LED light that will come on when there is an incoming phone call.

RCA Amplified Big Button Phone

RCA Amplified Big Button Phone

RCA is a pretty well-known brand when it comes to phones. Compared to the one above it does not come with as many options.

There are only 4 picture buttons, but in most cases that should be enough when it comes to emergencies. The size of the buttons where you put the pictures is about 1 x 1 inch.

Although there are fewer options it comes with a little higher customer ratings and that is maybe because of the lesser options.

The ringer can be amplified up to 20 decibels and that is as far as I can tell pretty load. The phone can be adjusted for hanging installation or for a desk.

An RCA picture phone can be a good product for many people.

VTech Corded and Cordless Phone

VTech Corded and Cordless Phone

Vtech has a wide range of phones and what they call the senior phone system is expandable with up to 12 handsets. Maybe a little much for one household but that is what it is.

There are many options on this set like having a call with one outside line and 4 cordless stations.

This is also the set with the highest customer ratings in all the reviews I read for picture phones for the elderly.

What you get in the box is a cordless base phone and one cordless unit with a charger. This makes it easy to keep a phone close to you all the time and a plus compared to the other two phones on his page.

The cordless part does however not come with the pictures like the base station.

My opinion about picture phones

At first sight, it looks like a great idea and in many cases, it is probably a great solution. The customer ratings, however, are not that great.

This means in my opinion that if you opt for a picture phone you should test it as fast as you can to make sure it works the way you think it should work.

For people who are having a hard time reading names and dialing phone numbers, a picture phone might be a nice solution. Many times names are hard to remember but faces are not.

One of the things you should consider is if it is easier to dial a name on a phone or press a name and then wait for the caller to answer.

I can not say whether I recommend or not recommend the use of a picture phone for seniors and the elderly. It all depends on the specific situation of the user.

I found some more picture phones for you on Amazon

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