Tabletop Nail Clipper

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Tabletop Nail Clipper

I found this tabletop nail clipper and imediatly new I had to share it here since it is a very usefull product.

Although I wrote about many types of toenail clippers for seniors I believe this one was entitled to have its own page.
The material is stainless steel and the edges are rounded to prevent these sharp edges on your nails you sometimes get.

The used material and the way it is placed on a base makes it very easy for people with arthritis and people with limited hand function.
The non-slip base makes it even easier. No need to keep a clipper in one hand and clip the nails on your other hand,
You can have both hands free with this product

What I personally like is that you can just sit at the table and clip your fingernails without having to try to keep it still with one hand.
It is also easier when you have it on the tabletop since you can use a light to make it more visible.


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