Monkey Hook Picture Hanger

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Monkey Hook Picture Hanger

With a Monkey Hook, it is very easy for us seniors to hang anything on the wall. I came across these hooks when I was trying to find an easier way to hang picture frames on the living room wall.

These things make it so much easier and it can be done without anchors or even drilling a hole in your drywall.
I will never go back using anything else than this for things up to 50 pounds.

What I like about the Monkey Hooks

It is so simple to hang up a picture frame or anything else. All you have to do is make a hole in the wall with the sharp point of the hook and put your hook in there.
No more drilling and using those annoying anchors that hardly ever work in drywall. Just make sure to use it not on a stud.

What I like most is that there is nothing else you need than the product itself. No more running to the garage or shed to get a drill and extension cord.
The second thing is that they also work in paneling as we have in our house. Just make sure you poke them not in a stud.
Use them as you can see in this video.

How To Use Monkey Hooks

Use them as you can see in this video.

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