Handicapped Card Holder

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Handicapped Card Holder

I have seen handicapped card holders that were very hard to use. I found one that makes using it a lot easier and won't break the bank.

Parking on a handicapped spot requires a card that is visible from the front window of your car. Many of the free ones are of a bad quality and will not last too long.
They are, in most cases, also hard to hang and the only place is the rearview mirror. Thios can be very annoying and the mirror is sometimes hard to reach.

This handicapped permit hanger is easy to attach to your sunscreen and all you have to do is fold it out and it is visible for anyone.
When you come back all you have to do is fold it back in your sunscreen and you are ready to drive off.

I had a good look at the many options and other available holders but this one is, in my opinion, the easiest to use and the best quality for what you pay for.


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